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List of some common Marathi slang words 2023

Unique Marathi words,marathi slang,

Unique Marathi words,marathi slang,


abe (अबे ) – This is used to call a person randomly .

Famous Marathi slangs

Naadach khhulaa

Jaa baba… ( This one is mostly used in core region of Pune. Here baba does not refer to dad)

Gela udat. तू गेला उडत

Nalayak ( नालायक) – Useless

Murkha ( मुर्खा) – Stupid

Bawalat ( बावळट) – Stupid or Nonsense

dukkar ( डुक्कर ) – Pig

( Fuktya ) फुकटया – One who wants every thing free of cost .


funny marathi slangs

chhamiya meaning in Marathi

( छमिया) – DancerKhada- (Little stone) meaning Crush

Sairat- meaning wil
Kadak-(literal meaning is Tough)

 meaning beautiful or something extra ordinar

Naad Khula meaning in Marathi

Wand meaning in marathi-( typically used in Sangli andKolhapur ) meaning beautiful or something extra ordinar

Rapchik- meaning beautifu

Naadkhula- meaning something great

Lai Bhari- meaning something great

Bhavdya- meaning brothe
Tayde- meaning siste

Padik- meaning uselessrr..lyyd

Holkar ( होळकर ) – One who is having hole . This is specially used for females .

Dandekar ( दांडेकर ) – If you understood Holkar ( होळकर ), then Dandekar ( दांडेकर ) is self explanatory .


Bail or Bailoba ( बैल or बैलोबा) – Bull or Ox

Sand ( सांड ) – Ox

Kuskat meaning in Marathi – दुसऱ्याच बर जालेल बागवत नाही

Mand (मंद) – Slow in nature

Dhilya ( ढिल्या) – very slow and delayed response personality

chyayla ( च्यायला)

Mayla ( मायला)

marathi bad words list



Aai ghalya meaning in Marathi

Gadhav ( गाढव) – Donkey

Gandu ( गांडू ) – Ass

kutrya ( कुत्र्या) – Dog or bitch

Rand ( रांड ) – Prostitute or whore

Bhavane ( भवाने ) – Specially used for females
Saalya साल्या ) – Brother in Law

Saali ( साली ) – Sister in Law

Item – For girls


Maal or Samaan – For girls

Udantappu ( उड़ानटप्पू) – Person who is roaming here and there all the time

Dalbhadri ( दळभद्री) – Unfortunate

Buchkalya ( बुचकळ्या) – Highly

Chyayala (च्यायला)

Bhadkhau (भाडखाऊ)

Bhakad (भाकड)

Chhawa (छावा)

Item (आयटम)

Chamaila  meaning in Marathi

Saaman (सामान)

Mhasad (म्हसाड)

Kadak (कडक)

Daav (डाव)

Chhavi (छावी)

Ek Number (एक नंबर )

Lai Bhari (लई भारी )

Vali / Vale (वली / वले )

License – Married Lady
confused person

Sukkya ( सुक्क्या ) – Very thin body structure


Tholya ( ठोल्या) – Obese body structure

Motya ( मोट्या) – Fat personality
Mhasad ( म्हासाड) – Buffalo


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