Android 13 Arrives on Google Pixel Phones

Android 13 is live. Google's latest operating system will begin rolling out Monday to Pixel phones and devices. 

Android 13 downloadsFor the Google Pixel phones that are still getting updates, here is the breakdown of the first Android 13 files for your phone.

How to install Android 13 on your Pixel phone?

Download the OTA fileBoot into Recovery modeNavigate to ADB sideloadConnect the handset to a computer with ADB tools installedEnter the sideload commandReboot your phone

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What Google Pixel devices support Android 13?

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Pixel 4/XL
Pixel 4a
Pixel 4a 5G
Pixel 5
Pixel 5a
Pixel 6/Pro
Pixel 6a

What’s new in Android 13?

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Most of the key changed to Android 13 can be found behind the scenes, with only a few user-facing changes such as a new Easter egg, more Material You color choices, and more.

Android 13 on Samsung, OnePlus, Motorola, and other phones?For those who don’t own a Google Pixel phone and want Android 13, you’ll have to wait a bit.