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MacKenzie Scott supports child mentors with $44 million gift

Billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott donated $44 million to the Oregon-based mentoring organization,

supports children at risk of entering the welfare system by pairing them with a longtime mentor.

Friends of the Children is the only national mentoring program in the country with paid,

This gift offers powerful momentum for the organization to serve thousands more children,

We are honored to kickstart our 30th anniversary of serving children with this extraordinary gift from MacKenzie Scott

said Terri Sorensen, CEO of Friends of the Children - National. "In 2020, nearly 32,000 children ages four to six entered foster care in the U.S

32,000 children and families who may have avoided foster care involvement if they'd had a Friend by their side.

$44 million, Friends of the Children – National received a $15 million gift and 12 of its chapters received direct gifts totaling $29 million. 

Los Angeles, which has one of the highest number of children in foster care than anywhere in the country,

“I was actually in a ditch when I got the word,” she said.